Types of appreciation letters

Appreciation letters are those letter sent in order to express gratitude and thanks toward someone who did something for you. Although they tend to be sent in official contexts - this is why they are included in the business letters category overall - giving their purpose, one can write them in a more personal tone of voice.

You can find out more about the appreciation letter format or you can discover helpful tips on how to write an appreciation letter in our articles. If you prefer a less official written way to express your appreciation message, you always have the thank you note as an option.

Thank you letters of appreciation

Of course there are many types of appreciation letters that vary depending on the person and on the situation they are directed to. Below there are the main categories:

You can freely download our appreciation letters in word format which will give you strong hints about how each type of appreciation letter can look like. You can borrow specific phrases, wording or, if it fits to you, you can simply fill it with your personal details and use it as it is.

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