Customer appreciation letter

If you are running a business or you work in a customer service department, your surely know how important, yet difficult is to gain the loyalty of your clients. A customer appreciation letter, sent from time to time, is one of those gestures that make people come back to you. Still, there are some thing you should keep in mind when writing this kind of business thank you letter.

Thank you letter to customer


How to write an appreciation letter to customers

In order to bring out the best of your appreciation letter, make sure that your letter accomplishes these few rules:

  • Mention your company's name right at the beginning or, better, use the company's letterhead.
  • Writing the name of your client is always better than a general greeting such as Dear client. Depending on your business, you can be more formal (Mr. Anderson) or more informal (Dear Jane).
  • In order to make your tone of voice sound more friendly, use the first person pronouns, both singular and plural.
  • State clearly the reason of your letter in the first paragraph. Here you can find more advices on how to write an appreciation letter.
  • If you can offer it a certain benefit such a small gift or a discount for future purchase, do it. Even if it is a tiny thing, it will add plenty of value for your client.
  • To make your customer thank you letter seem more personal, enclose it with the name of the person who addresses the thank you message, followed by his position within the company.

Why to send an appreciation letter to clients

In such a competitive market, the emotional business communication plays a big part in retaining customers, so this type of customized appreciation messages strengthen the relationship with them. It makes them feel more than  number in your database and it increased the the so-called and so-wanted customer engagement, increasing the chances that the person come back to you.

Writing thank you letters to customers

When to send a thank you letter to customers

Now that you have no doubt about the benefits of sending a client appreciation letter, you are probably wondering when will be the next appropriate time to send one. Here you have some ideas:

  • On an important annually event such as: at the beginning of a New Year, on Christmas, on Easter etc.
  • When someone starts to be your customer, we mean right after his/her first purchase.
  • You don't have why to stop at the first purchase; you can send, at least a customer thank you card or email, after every sale.
  • When you are running a promotion; this way you will also kill to birds with one stone: will communicate about your promotion while expressing your appreciation toward you customer.
  • On his birthday.
  • After a round period since he/she is you client (1 year, 2 years...)

Now you have a broader image about this type of marketing weapon, so you can check our customer appreciation letter sample.

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