Thank you letter to boss

You might think no one writes a thank you letters to boss because they don't need the appreciation of their employees. Nothing more untrue than that. Like all of us, our leaders also need the confirmation of the good job they are doing, even if it might not seem like that

How to say thank you to your boss

There are many formats you can use here. For example you can send an appreciation email, which tends to be the typical way of expressing your gratitude in business related situations, but also the most impersonal, you can say it verbally when you find the suitable moment, or you can send him a thank you note. With some creativity, the latter allows you to get a little closer and to make sure you message will not go unnoticed; you can even write down a simple quote that embeds everything you need to say (our article on appreciation quotes might be useful).

When to write thank you letter to your boss

Below you can find the most common situations when expressing your appreciation toward your boss is an appropriate thing to do.

  • When he/she offered you a promotion, a salary raise, a bonus or complemented you for a work well-done (this tends to be made though an appreciation letter to employee).
  • When offered you support, guidance in solving a problem, or trained you regarding an task or a tool that was new for you and helped you in your professional growth.

  • When he/she empowered you with leading an important project you were interested in.
  • When he/she allowed you to be out of work for personal issues.
  • When he/she ensured you the conditions for a training valuable for your development.
  • When he/she writes you a recommendation.
  • On Boss's Day. Why not? If you are searching for a random occasion to to send a thank you letter to you manager, 16/17 of October can be the perfect day for your to express your gratitude.
  • When leaving a job. Check our resignation letter samples!
  • You can also send an appreciation letter when he/she obtained a promotion or recorded a great performance. If you want to find out more about expressing your gratitude toward your manager, check our article on appreciation letter to boss.

If you are now convinced that bosses also need to be thanked, see the appreciation letter to your boss sample and start to write your own.

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