Volunteer appreciation letter sample

When someone get involved in a volunteer work in order to go far towards to helping a community or to contribute to a cause, one deserves to know one's efforts are appreciated. Moreover, one surely needs to be confirmed that the time and energy devoted had an impact, and to be assured by the results of one's work. All these can be accomplished through a volunteer appreciation letter.

When writing an appreciation letter for volunteers, keep in mind that they probably did the best, and made their work with passion, so they need to know these things are recognized by you.

As any other type of formal appreciation letter, this one neither must get too personal or include a colloquial language. Within your appreciation letter for volunteer service you should provide a positive feedback and mention what was what you liked most of the way the volunteer made his job. Also, your volunteer thank you letter should be short, concise and follow a standard format, unless you prefer to send a thank you note. However, for more advices, see our articles about the appreciation letter in general.

Volunteer thank you letter


You can download our volunteer appreciation letter sample for free whenever you need an example of how to say "thank you for volunteering". If you work for an NGO or a charitable association in general you might also find useful our donation thank you letter template.

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