Formal Letter

A formal letter is a piece of text you might write for several different occasions. Generally speaking, it will be a typed and printed letter for a purpose that requires a more official form of communication. Within formal letters there are certain things to avoid, such as the use of contractions or colloquial vocabulary.

The category of formal letters is broad and will encompass more specific subcategories. For example, an invitation letter, a resignation letter or a complaint letter can all by types of formal letter.

Formal Letter Basics

Because a formal letter can refer to many different things, it is important that you are clear on this and understand all the different possibilities. The information below will provide you with further information about a formal letter so that you can then begin to write one if you need.

Formal Letter Format

If you want to write a formal letter then you need to know about the layout, how to open and close the letter, what not to say and how it should be presented. Have a look through our pages in order to write a correct formal letter.

Formal Letter Samples


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