Thank you note

In the era of technology, a hand-written thank you note might seem a vintage, old fashion manner of expressing your gratitude toward someone. Far away from the truth! Thank you notes carry a dose of elegance, and can melt one's heart in ways that emails will never be able to. For example, right after a job interview, a personalised thank you card (a less formal but yet classy type of appreciation letter) can make a big difference between the candidates and smooth your path towards employment.

What to include a thank you note

How to write a thank you note

Here you have the main good practices to take into consideration at the moment of writing a thank you note:

  • Firstly, you must send your thank you card in the shortest possible time.
  • Choose a stationary that is appropriate for the situation and for your type of personality.
  • Personalise you text as much as possible; in no circumstance send a copy paste appreciation note, but adapt it to the situation, and be flexible in choosing the tone of voice. You can insert a joke or enthusiastic (if this is your way to be), but if your note is business-related, don't cross the formal boundary.
  • However, don't overstate your thank you message, but keep it short and clear.
  • Don't pre-write the note; for example, in case of a job interview, don't prepare your card from home and hand it out right after the interview. It will be clear that it will be a standard, ready-made message.
  • Always make sure that your thank you cards look neat, orderly  and they are legible. Don't diminish the value of such a beautiful gesture with an untidy writing.

Appreciation note

What to write in a thank you card

Here you have the basic format of a thank you card. Keep in mind when writing it who the recipient is. The tone and the vocabulary you use may change a little!

  • Start with the greeting (Dear...) and make sure you spell the recipient's name correctly.
  • State the reason of your note right from the beginning: Thank you so much for..., I am very grateful for, I want to express my appreciation for...
  • Mention something specific for the reason of your gratitude, and transmit why the gesture, the attitude or the help of the other person is important for you
  • Allude something related to the future. For example: I hope to meet you soon, I look forward have the chance to work within you teamI will take advantage of a future opportunity in order to return your favour. This will help you maintain the connection with the person.
  • Express your appreciation again, but rephrase the first sentence, maintaining the enthusiastic tone of voice
  • Close your appreciation note with regards: Many thanks, Your truly, Sincerely...

For more tips. we suggest you to pass through the article on how to write an appreciation letter. This will provide you a more comprehensive idea about this category of appreciation message.

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