Appreciation letter to boss

Sending an appreciation letter to your boss when you feel so is a great gesture, not only for you professional relationship with him, but also because of the human touch this kind of message carry with it.

At the same time, writing a letter of appreciation to boss is not an easy job, because you might have the best intentions, but you surely don't want to be perceived as a fawning subordinate.; so you must be careful at the hour of writing this type of appreciation letter.

How to write an appreciation letter to boss

Here you have the main tips to keep in mind when writing your good thoughts to your employer.

  • If you opt for sending a hand-written appreciation note, make sure you choose a high quality card.

  • Take care that your text body isn't longer than a few sentences; as we said before, you don't want to garnish your message with unnecessary flatteries.
  • Be sincere! This is probable the most important advice, since a lying, exaggerative letter will be noticed in an instant, and might produce precisely the opposite effect then the intended one.
  • Regardless the purpose of your letter of appreciation to your superior, don't forget to maintain a formal language.
  • However, you can use an admiring tone of voice though wordings such as: Thank you for being, not a boss, but a leader...I would never succeeded to grow so by now if you wouldn't learn me that..., I admire a lot the subtle and intelligent way you lead your team, enhancing the particular skills and talents of each of us... 
  • Enclose your letter with a complimentary close such as: With gratitudeWith sincere thanks, With appreciation.
  • Don't expect your boss to change the attitude toward you after receiving your letter. Although he/she will surely appreciate this deep inside, is a leader's responsibility to treat all his team members equally.

If you need even more tips, check our thank you letter to boss article and, for a concrete example, feel free to check our appreciation letter to your boss sample.

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