What is a Resignation Letter

A resignation letter is a formal document where an employee announces to their employer that they will be leaving their job; usually preceded by an informal face-to-face talk or handing in a resignation letter email. It is seen as an act of courtesy to notify the employer that the working relationship has reached an end, whether that be for personal or professional reasons.

Your resignation letter will be stored in your personal file, so it is a good idea to make sure you follow our simple guidelines about the resignation letter format in order to leave your job on good terms. If your situation means that you are leaving under bad circumstances, it is still important to stay positive, even if this is not how you truly feel.

You never know when you will need to call upon any former employer for a reference, so make sure to be thankful for the opportunities you have been provided with whilst at that job. The wording you use also plays a part, as any future employer has the right to ask for your resignation letter. Therefore, keep your language professional!

Why Write a Resignation Letter?

It is recommended to include your resignation letter reasons as to why you are leaving your job. It is up to you how much detail you wish to go in to and this will differ for everyone and will depend on their specific situation.

The most common reasons for writing a resignation letter, and why employees will decide to terminate their position at a company, will be one of two categories: personal or professional. However, it is possible that there are many other options.

You must bear in mind that you will have to deal with what happens after handing in your resignation letter, which will consist of your employer replying to what you have said and following that up with their own comments.

Take a look at our resignation letter samples.


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