Appreciation resignation letter

If you have recently decided to quit your job or if your retirement day is getting closer, and you want to express your appreciation to you colleagues and/or to your boss for the time spent working together, an appreciation letter is a great way to do so. Even if nowadays the concrete appreciation resignation letter is being converted into an email with many "CC"-s, it doesn't matter; the main best practices remain the same. For further tips&tricks about this kind of letter, check on how to write an appreciation letter.

Appreciation letter when leaving a job

How to write a resignation thank you letter

When you are leaving a place that provided you plenty of professional growth, where you was trained to be the employee you are now, and where you found great people you would like to remain in contact with, a thank you letter leaving job is essential. Here you have the most important things to keep in mind at the hour of drawing it up:

  • Thank to your employer for the opportunity to work there, and for all the good things you received from that experience.
  • Mention when your last day at the office will be.
  • Give a reason for the fact that you are leaving, but only if it is not negative for the company or for someone working here. Leaving because you want a change in you professional path, because you to move to another town, because you find something else that fits better to your current needs or, simply, because you need a big shift in your life, are all good reason to mention in your.
  • You can mention a nice memory you keep from that working place.
  • Provide your contact details and say that you would like to keep in touch with your former colleagues.
  • Leave the door opened for future collaboration.

appreciation letter employee leaving job

Maybe you are wondering why is important to write an appreciation letter before resign. Maybe you are actually resentful on your job and you just want to leave as soon as possible and never hear anything about this place, but take a step behind and try to be objective. Haven't you also keep good reminders from here? Haven't you learned new things here? Surely you did. Beside, you want to keep up good relations with your manager, because you might never know when you will need a recommendation form him/her in the future or when your ways will cross again in the future.

In conclusion, there are things to keep in mind when you write a thank you letter to colleagues on the last day of work:

  • State your intention to remain in contact.
  • Express your polite regret for leaving.
  • Mention the good things and memories about the time spent there.
  • Don't criticize anything about your ex workplace and don't use an ironic tone of voice.
  • DON'T forget to show your appreciation toward the person who employed you. In our article about the appreciation letter to boss you will find more advices about that.

If you need a concrete example, please check our appreciation resignation letter template.

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