Confirmation Letter

The confirmation letter is a document used often by companies, people, organization or churches in order to ensure that those involved in an anterior discussion are in accordance concerning the issue discussed.

But what is a letter of confirmation exactly? When do you have to use it? Here you will find all the information regarding this type of document.

What is a confirmation letter

Confirmation letter definition

The letter of confirmation is the written agreement between two parties, conceived by one of them in order to establishes the details of a previous discussion. According to the circumstances, the confirmation letter can contain information such as the scheduled time of a future meeting, it can attest that a reservation or a payment has been made, it can inform a new employer that he/she was accepted on the new position and so on.

The main purpose of a letter of confirmation is to ensure that both parts bear in mind the same facts of the problem discussed. It is aimed to eliminate confusions or misunderstandings that might appear and to keep everything clear for everybody.

Letter of confirmation


A slightly different situation is the employment confirmation letter also known as proof of employment letter or employment verification letter; it is usually addressed to an institution, and it is aimed to ensure that a certain individual has an employee status next to all the legal rights related it. Some common situations when such a formal letter is needed are in case asking for a loan, renting a house, obtaining a visa etc. The employment confirmation letter, better known as the job confirmation letter, is the also the one sent to a new employee in order to confirm his hiring, to outline the job description and the other details related to his new position in the company.

At the time of writing a confirmation letter you must have it clear in mind that it is an official document, so the formal tone of voice is compulsory. For a less formal situation you can replace the letter with a confirmation message.

Different types of confirmation letter

You will also find a selection of the types of confirmation letter most used that will help you understand when are they needed and how to write them.

Confirmation letter samples

Confirmation email samples

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