Business Letters

A business letter is a type of formal letter that can be written from one corporation to another, between a corporation and its clients or alternatively to an external party. Formal business letters will be written for one of the following main reasons: to apologize, to comment, to request, to confirm or to inquire. For whatever the reason, all the different types of business letters will follow the same format.

Business letters should have a clearly defined purpose as well as an obvious recipient that is being addressed. This style of communication is formal and the language used within the letter should reflect this.

Business Letter Basics

Before you begin writing, make a business letter plan so you can understand who you are writing to, why you are writing and what the outcome will be. These pages will help you recognize the style of letter you will adapt and clarify any doubts you may have about what is a business letter.

Business Letter Layout

When it comes to writing your business letter make sure to include all the relevant parts and to make sure the layout looks professional and organised. These letters are not informal so you might find it useful to look at some business letter samples as a guide.

Business Letter Samples

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