Recommendation Letter

A recommendation letter is a document used in either professional or academic enquiries about a person. It´s principal purposes are to help persuade a company to employ a person, or admit a student into school or university. Asking for a recommendation letter is vital to help in selling yourself for the position you are applying for.

Letter of Recommendation Basics

The main goal of a recommendation letter is to demonstrate the best qualities about a person in a professional sense. This allows the recipient of the letter of recommendation to be able to have the best outlook of a person´s working or academic character. However, it is important to also know that there is a difference between what a recommendation letter is and what a reference letter is and why either of them are important.

Writing a Letter of Recommendation

If you are the one writing the recommendation letter, it is just as significant to understand the guidelines on what to say. You must know how to express the good character of the person you are writing about. If you need help writing a recommendation letter, try to stay positive and avoid mentioning any mistakes that person might have made.

Recommendation/Reference Letter Samples


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