Donation thank you letter template

Beautiful gestures, such as donations and sponsorships require appreciation. Sending a thank you letter to a donor will strengthen your relationships and will also let the him know that his good action has a certain impact for someone. Download our donation thank you letter template in order to have a concrete model before writing your own.

Take into consideration to follow up your letter by giving a phone call within a few days to communicate your acknowledgement also personally.

Appreciation letter for donation

How to write a thank you for donation letter

Here you have some advices to take into consideration before start to write your letter of appreciation for a donation.

  • Design your letter as personal as possible, because a customised letter is unrivalled valuable than a standard one.
  • Present your mission briefly.
  • Explain how the donation was used and, if possible, provide some concrete data about the impact the contribution had for your organization/cause.
  • Find out more best practices about how to write an appreciation letter from our article.

Remember that these type of appreciation letter can build long-term relationships which last for years.

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Download Donation thank you letter template