Invitation Letter

Letter of InviteThere are several different types of invitation letter, however they will all be requesting the presence of someone to an event or country. Invitation letters can also be sent through different forms, depending on the reason and formality of the invite. For example, invitations to parties are nowadays set up online while visa invitations will be sent by post.

Invitation Letter Basics

There are two main types of invitation letter: those with regards to visas, and the other for social occasions. It is important to know the difference so that when you are writing your invitation letter you are sure on what to include and the tone of voice to use.

Invitation Letter Format

Depending on your reason for sending your invitation letter, the language and style you use will be affected; an invitation to a birthday party will be more informal than one for a visitor’s visa. You should take care of your wording by reading through some of our help and advice.

Invitation Letter Samples

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