Invitation Letters for a Visa

This type of invitation letter is one of the most common and popular requests. As a whole, people want to travel more freely around the world either to visit countries and family members or to go and work in new places. Due to this, getting permission from the host country has become increasingly more important.

Invitation Letter for Tourist Visa

Letter of Invitation for VisaWhen traveling to certain countries, you may need an invitation letter for a visa as a tourist or if you are going to visit family/friends, depending on the country you are going to and the country you are travelling from. It is always recommendable to do your research before booking flights. Usually, it is easier to get a hold of a tourist visa if your are travelling within the continent you are from. Some of the following countries are a bit more stricter with their tourist restrictions:

  • USA
  • Australia
  • China
  • Russia
  • India
  • Brazil

You might find it useful to have a look at how to write an invitation letter for a visa if you are inviting friends/family to visit you.

Invitation Letter for Immigration

If you are making a permanent or long-term move to a different country, the required invitation letter may be slightly different. It will most likely have to be written by your new employer in the host country, depending on whether you will have a sponsored working visa or not.

If you are migrating for personal reasons and do not have an employment plan, it could make things tricky. As with an invitation letter for a tourist visa, it is advisable to do as much research into the host country as possible to find out what exactly is needed from you.

View some of our invitation letter templates for further information.

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