How to write an appreciation letter

An appreciation letter is something that will always put a smile on someone's face because one of the most important of our inner wishes is the desire of being appreciate. Also known as the thanking letter is has the power to bring near two persons, especially in situation when formal barriers are difficult to cross. Your might feel the urge to express your gratitude to an employee who exceeded the expectations or to a colleague who bear a hand when you needed; regardless the situation, writing a thank you letter is always a good idea.

If you want to know how to write a thank you letter that will draw all these positive effects, all you have to do it to follow some simple tips stated below.

Writing a thank you letter

Tips for writing an appreciation letter

Here you have some basic guidelines you can follow when writing a letter of appreciation:

  • Don't wait to long until you send your thank letter; as a general rule, be sure that the person who gained your appreciation will be informed by this in maximum 3 days.
  • You can send a physical letter of appreciation or you can send a virtual one. If you go for the first, make sure that you use a quality paper together with the appropriate letter font; if you are not sure what font to choose, you must know that you can never fail with the classical Times New Roman, Sans Serif or Arial.
  • Keep your letter clear and concise, avoid using ambiguities or phrases that are uncertain and communicate your message straightly. It must came out very clear from your letter to whom it is addressed and why do you appreciate the person.
  • Be honest! It goes without saying that you must express your enthusiasm and write your letter of appreciation in a positive tone of voice, but don't flourish your text. Keep your message at the topic and communicate strictly what you have to communicate.
  • Remember that writing a thank you letter is the same as writing a formal letter, so don't cross the limit of familiarity and maintain the same distance as in the real life.
  • Don't forget to proofread your letter, and remember that it is always better to do it in loud voice. A letter which carry punctuation, spelling or grammar errors will always communicate lake of carefulness and will distort your message. The most important of all, make sure the consignee's name is correctly spelt!

This pieces of advices should be helpful enough for you to know how to write a letter of appreciation, but if you are still in doubt, feel free to check our article about the appreciation letter format or take a look at the different types of appreciation letters.

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