Motivation Letter for University

An academic cover letter is not too different from a cover letter for a job because they both require you to sell why you would be a good candidate for a position. The difference lies in the audience of the cover letter and who will be on the receiving end. In this case it will be an academic representative instead of an employer, meaning that you need to emphasise academic strengths rather than professional ones. It is always a good idea to exhibit both, but remember the advice on writing your cover letter is to tailor each one specifically for each position.

Univeristy Application Cover LetterWith university places, you can be sure that you will have competition. There will be many students who are all applying for the same course and depending on the popularity and places available, your cover letter may be a deciding factor. Knowing how to write a cover letter and what to put in the cover letter format is therefore even more crucial in this particular case.

Motivation Letter for a Scholarship for University 

Applying for a scholarship will require some sort of motivation letter or essay to provide information about yourself. In these cases, it is less common that it will be accompanied by your CV which means that you may have to include more factual details in your academic cover letter. You have to be even more persuasive here because you must ensure to show the academic enterprise you are responsible and are a good choice for their support. A scholarship cover letter should focus more on you as a person rather than your achievements because you are asking for aid rather than applying for a position at a university or company.

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