How to write a confirmation letter

The confirmation letter must be as short as possible, but to contain all the necessary information. Given the goal of this document - to bring clarity and transparency concerning a problem - it should be easy to read, clear and free of vagueness.

It is normal to have doubts when typing your first confirmation letter because you probably won't send it to your best friend. But having at hand the following rules, you cannot go wrong with it.

Tips for writing a confirmation letter

How to write a confirmation letter

Here you have the major guidelines to follow when writing a confirmation letter:

  • Use a business tone of voice. Don't you forget this is a formal letter.

  • Despite the formal context, you can express your enthusiasm or interest through conventional phrases such as Many thanks for kindly considering my application…, It was very enjoyable..., I was glad to hear that…, I am happy to inform you… etc.
  • ALWAYS proofread the text before sending it (at least twice), checking for grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors. You should also re-read it in loud voice to review the fluency of your phrases.
  • Keep it concise and right on topic, not overcharging the content with unneeded details. To obtain this effect, use more nouns and verbs and less adjectives and adverbs when drawing your confirmation letter.
  • Although concise, be sure your information is complete and it covers everything needed for a complete apprehension.
  • Employ the active voice, better than the passive; it is more direct, straightforward and forceful. Moreover, it keeps the subject focus and it express more directness. For example, opt for As we established… instead of As it has been established, Your organization will be able to access the funds  rather than The funds will be accessed by your organization... .
  • Use the company/organization/association letterhead for a more professional design of your letter.

In case your letter of confirmation was preceded by a face-to-face discussion, write and send it in the shortest time after, when the information is still fresh; besides, this shows promptitude, reliability and inspires trust.

Furthermore, it is always useful to have some examples at hand. Check our free types of confirmation letter, choose the template you need and write your own.

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