Interview confirmation letter

An interview confirmation letter is the document one needs to send in reply to a call or an email that receives from an employer, concerning an opening job one has previously applied for.


Tips on writing your confirmation letter for interview

So, after a period of searching for your dream job, you start to receive invitations from potential employers. You must have plenty of questions about how to respond to a job interview; we strongly advise you to be aware of the fact that that your confirmation letter for interview is as important as your cover letter and your Curriculum you sent previously.

  • Reply to the interview invitation in the shortest time possible, preferable within the same day or right the day after. You can be sure that the employer will positively value this at the hour of hiring you.
  • Use a formal, professional tone of voice as this is a formal document. If you need hints on that, check our article about the formal letter.
  • Although formal, this is your first opportunity to express the enthusiasm concerning the company, the position you applied for and your positive energy. This will communicate to the employer that you are really interested working there.
  • Also, express your gratitude for having the chance to meet the interviewer.
  • Read carefully the proposed time and date, and if it doesn’t fit to your schedule, now it is the moment to say it. Answer in a polite manner, assuring the employer that you are very honored for receiving his reply and very eager to have the chance to meet him personally but that, unfortunately, the time is not appropriate for you. You can recommend another time when you will be available or you can let him to do it.
  • Be sure you know the name of the person who will interview you, and also its spelling and the pronunciation.
  • Keep your interview confirmation letter brief and to the point. You will have all the time to make your employer discover more about you during the interview.
  • Re-read your text before you send it. Avoid using emoticons, abbreviation and a colloquially language.

Find out more about what is a confirmation letter in general and how to design your own regardless the situation needed.

How to confirm an interview - main steps

How to respond to a job interview

  1. Start with a formal addressing such as Dear…, Mr./Mrs. …, but never with To whom it may concern.
  2. Use the first paragraph to thank and to express your positive feelings about the invitationThank you for considering my application…, I am very excited to have the opportunity…, I look forward to meet you... etc.
  3. Confirm the time, the date and the location proposed or suggest another that better fits to your availability. I confirm my attendance to the interview is a good way to start this phrase with.
  4. Let the person know that he is free to ask you for any additional information by the time of the interview in case he needs.
  5. You can use the last paragraph to thank again and to mention that you are eager to meet your interviewer and to take your first contact with the company.

Nowadays, most of these formal communication are made through a confirmation email, but the same best practices apply for both.

If you are still in doubts about how to reply to an interview invitation, you can also check our interview confirmation letter sample.

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