Job confirmation letter

The job confirmation letter is the official document sent by the HR department to a recent hired person after completing all the stages of the hiring process. It is also known as the job offer letter, although between the two exists a tiny difference - the offer letter implies a probation period, including the trainings. However, the job confirmation letter encloses:

  • the starting date
  • the title of the position occupied
  • terms and conditions of the employment
  • the salary pack
  • job details such as primary tasks and duties, working hours per week or any other required details.
  • the final paragraph that encourages the person to address any question and to answer confirming the job’s acceptance

What is a letter of employment

*Do not confound this document with the employment confirmation letter, also known as a proof of employment letter which is used as an evidence for someone’s employee status. If this is what you are searching for, please check our article about the employment confirmation letter.

The job acceptance letter is designed to bring out to the new employee about what is expected from him, what are his main rights and responsibilities, and to gain the biggest picture about his new role within the organization.

In order for everything to be clear and transparent, the confirmation letter of employment should be sent to the new employee as soon as you take the decision. It should be written in a positive tone of voice and to express enthusiasm for this is one of the first contacts between the new employee and the organization. Although it must be concise, clear and formal, the same as any other confirmation letter.

Employment letter

Tips on how to write a job confirmation letter

  • Use a standard template, but adapt it to the company and to the future employee position
  • Make sure you keep the amount of information at its basic; you don’t want to overwhelm the the recipe with tons of details impossible to remember completely
  • It is preferable not to mention the “annual salary”. It implies that the future employee will work in your company for at least one year, and this is something that none of you knows at this moment.
  • Although the formal tone of voice is imperative for keeping it professional, you can always add a personal touch though expressions such as I am happy to inform you…, It is a great excitement to announce you…, We are looking forward to start working together…
  • Be careful at the legal considerations; if your letter plays the part of a contract, it is preferable to be seen by the legal department too.

Our last but not least advise is that, before sending the letter, announce verbally the future employee about his acceptance. You can make it via a phone call or at the end of the interview - if you decide on the instant. It makes everything more personal and it shows that you, as a company, truly care about the next member of your team.

For a clearer image on how to write this document for your future employee, check our employment confirmation letter sample.

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