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A guest speaker confirmation letter is the the formal letter written by an event organizer to someone who has previously accepted to speak or to have a presentation inside of a future conference, workshop, seminar etc. It is normal that if you have to send this letter, you may have received first an invitation letter for a guest speaker.

What to include a confirmation letter for a guest speaker

  • A good way to start this type of confirmation letter is with a standard phrase such as thank you for accepting our invitation to speak…. This letter is also a great opportunity to express the gratitude for the person coming to have a speech.
  • Further, you can mention the details concerning the location, the hour and the date of the event, as well as the time you expect the guest speaker to arrive.
  • Offer any additional details about the event (what are the other speakers that will join him/her in the day of the event, how many people are expected to attend, what will be the order of the presentations etc.)
  • Ask if the guest speaker will need any special equipment such as audio-visual tools.
  • Make everything clear concerning the expenses related to accommodation and meals.

  • Make the invitation in case of an after cocktail or dinner.
  • Thank again for accepting the invitation and express your certainty that his speaking will be successful.
  • Don’t forget that a confirmation letter for guest speaker is an official document, so you still need to follow the main rules on how to write a formal letter.

Confirmation letter for guest speaker


However, a letter of confirmation for a guest speaker comes only after a previous invitation. If you have just decided who you want you to invite at your conference, our article about invitation letter might be more useful on this stage.

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