Volunteer confirmation letter

A volunteer confirmation letter is the document that certifies someone’s volunteering stage, emphasizing the number of hours completed, the main tasks, duties and the acquired skills.

This type of confirmation letter is usually written by the organization for whom has been accomplished the volunteer work so, when drafting a volunteer confirmation letter one must follow the main rules on how to write a confirmation letter.

Also called a volunteer certification letter, it serves as a proof for the qualifications that the volunteer gain during his experience and it is usually needed when applying for a job or for another volunteering. Attached to a good Curriculum, together with an interesting motivation letter, a confirmation letter for volunteering work can weigh a lot in the eye of the employer and can make a big difference when trying to find a job. Feel free to check our article about writing a motivation letter.

Besides from that a volunteering stage tells a lot of good things about a person as, for example, that he cares about the society or environment and uses his time to bring a change to the world around, but a volunteer work letter can also be used as a recommendation letter from the person who supervised the volunteer during his experience.


What to include in a volunteering confirmation letter

If you are not sure what to mention in your volunteering work verification letter, please check the guidelines below and adapt them to your own situation.

  1. As any confirmation letter, it should include the letterhead of the organization/association/NGO/foundation that is, normally, the sender of the volunteer confirmation letter. The second option is to employ the document’s header for the name, the contact and the logo of the organization.
  2. Begin the letter with a standard greeting formula: Dear… - if you know recipient’s name - or To whom it may concern.
  3. Express the main idea in the first paragraph; you can make it through another standard phrase such as This letter is to certify that…, I would like to confirm that…, I hereby certify that… .
  4. Mention the period when the volunteer performed his work and the number of hours.
  5. Provide some details about the organization and its purpose and also about the project the volunteer was involved in.
  6. Indicate what was the specific job and the duties performed by the volunteer and the main skills he acquired.
  7. You can conclude the volunteer work letter with a positive feedback or a recommendation of the volunteer.
  8. Encourage the receipt to feel free to contact you in case additional informations are required and give him the contact details he can address you further questions.
  9. Close the letter with a standard formula: Sincerely…, Yours…, Regards.

You can think of the letter of confirmation for volunteer work as serving for almost the same purpose as the confirmation letter for work experience. It certifies the job completed by someone that recommend him for a future position.

For more inspiration, check for free our volunteer confirmation letter sample before writing your own.

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