Confirmation email

The confirmation email is the online correspondence that certifies the details of a previous established appointment, confirms the terms of an order, confirms a payment or states any other similar situation with the purpose of clarifying the situation between two parties. Usually, at least one of these two parties is a company or a society.

*Do not confound it with the request of email confirmation which is a different concept and it refers to the next step of subscribing to a newsletter.

Thanks the technological shift from the last 10 years, the email has gained unquestioned ground in front of the classical letter. While nowadays almost everyone prefers this electronic medium of communication instead of the physical one, there are some things that distinguish a confirmation email from a confirmation letter.

email of confirmation

Differences between the confirmation email and the confirmation letter

With the following differences in mind it will be easy for you to decide which medium is the most convenient for sending the confirmation message according to your current situation.

  • The physical letter can create a stronger link between the two parties, because the addressee associates it with a higher effort from the side of the sender.

  • Being buried in a bulk of emails all day long, one tends to pay more attention to a paper letter. Besides, the act of opening and touching ensures more attention anyway at the hour of reading the confirmation letter, and enforces the emotional connection.
  • Nevertheless, the confirmation email is surely a faster way to send your message.
  • Besides, due to the “Bcc” function, the email is a faster way if one needs to send the same confirmation message to more than one person.

If you need more precise information, take a closer look on how to write a confirmation email.

If you need concrete examples of confirmation emails, check our free email templates:

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