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A university confirmation letter is the formal letter provided by the University or College to a current or to a graduated student. It certifies the student status next to the other required information such as the graduation date, attendance date, the University Department the student belongs to, the completed courses, the campus of study etc. Including or not these pieces of information only depends on the letter's purpose.

Some of the most common reasons one might need such a document are:

  • Accommodation purpose
  • Release from taxes
  • A job application
  • A salary rising

  • A flat renting
  • A travel visa obtaining
  • A bank account opening


This type of confirmation letter is also known as the degree verification letter or the university verification letter. Even if the University is the one that has to draw your university confirmation letter it is important that you have an idea on how it must look.

For more best practices about this type of documents, check our article on how to write a confirmation letter. Also, if you need to confirm your student status by email, you might find useful our confirmation email.

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