Employment confirmation letter

An employment confirmation letter is the official document that validates the employee status, the work experience or the current salary of someone, and it is usually written by the employer. Because of the role of such a paper it is also known as a proof of employment letter or an employment verification letter. There are various situation when someone needs to certify the fact that he/she is a jobholder, and the employment confirmation letter is exactly the document needed in one of the following cases:

  • when asking for a bank loan or a credit
  • when renting a house or an apartment
  • when applying to a new job (it usually comes alongside a recommendation letter)
  • when making a prove at for University
  • when getting an insurance

What is a proof of employment letter

Before drawing a letter confirming employment you must first ask your employee why does he need it, who will be sent to, and what sort of information needs to be included. It is always a good idea to keep the employment confirmation letter short, straightforward and to be careful at not disclosing private data about your company.

How to write an employment confirmation letter

Here you have some general guidelines for a standard employment letter format: 

  • Begin the letter with your company’s letterhead or, if you don’t have one, use the document’s header to include it alongside with the contact details. If the company has a logo, this is where you must place it.
  • Salutation and greeting should be as specifically as possible; if you know the name and the title of the recipient the better write it using a standard salutation formula such as Dear…; if you don’t, you can use a more general formula To whom it may concern…
  • Right after, benefit from the first paragraph for presenting yourself, including your name, your position/role within the company and - if necessary - for how long are do you occupy that position.
  • The second paragraph is about the specific employment confirmation where you can mention the starting date of the employee, his title, whether the job is permanent or not, part time or full time and - if necessary - details about his salary. For example, in case of a bank loan, the salary proof is the main purpose of such a letter, and here we talk about an income verification letter.
  • The third paragraph is optional, depending on the purpose of the letter. If the letter serves for applying to a new job or to a voluntary work, for example, your proof of employment letter must include the employee’s main duties, tasks and, why not, some positive feedback from you or the main qualities of the employee.

Further, mention your contact details and encourage the recipient to write you back in case he needs additional information.

Close your letter with a specific formula such as Sincerely…, Best wishes…, Yours…

For a concrete example of a confirmation of employment letter, check our employment confirmation letter sample.

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