Confirmation letter for work experience

A confirmation letter for work experience or, better said, a work experience letter is the document that certifies the position an individual occupied - or is still occupying - within an organization next to the skills he gained, the results he had, the task he was in charge of etc.

What is a confirmation letter for work experience

But what are the situations when someone needs this type of confirmation letter? Normally, a letter of experience is very useful when you want to apply for a new job and need to show what can you bring to the new company based on your work background. In other cases, one can use the letter of work experience when applies for a volunteer work, for a University Master’s program or when applying for a visa. In most of the cases. this letter comes together or is enclosed to a recommendation letter.

Although this experience letter is usually written by the employer, it is important for the employee to know that he can receive one and also to know how to request it.

How to request an experience letter

Here are the mains steps you have to follow before requesting an experience letter:

  • Decide if it would be better to ask for the experience letter to your direct supervisor, who owns a more detailed overview over your profession performance, or to the HR department that knows more about your professional history. It only depends on the objective of the letter.
  • Explain your employer or former employer to what purpose serves you such a document.
  • Establish what it needs to be mentioned in the letter: the job title, your main tasks, if the company provided you any trainings or formations, skills and abilities you gained, both technical and/or social results of your work (with numbers if it is possible; for example: The sales increased with 7% in the 8 months when Mr. Jones worked in the Sales Department, compared to the same months of the year before). Give as much details as possible this to the person who will write your letter of job experience.
  • If the company refuses to provide you this document, check the law in order to see what can you ask as a proof of your work.

  • Don’t forget to thank in advance to the company for their help in achieving your professional goals.

Letter of confirmation for work experience

Experience letter format

Below you can find the standard experience letter format you can use in any situation.

  1. Use the company letterhead or mention the company’s contact information in the header of the experience letter.
  2. Give the person a formal salutation: ¨”Dr., “Mr.”, “Ms.”, “Mrs.”, or “To whom it may concern” if you don’t know exactly who the letter is addressed to.
  3. State the your intention from the beginning; you can use one of the following standard phrases: I am writing this letter of experience to certify..., I confirm that … has completed…, I hereby certify that… was employed by… during the period…, We are pleased to certify that … has been working for our company…
  4. In the second paragraph, mention all the details related to the job position indicated above: period, skills, job title, performance etc.
  5. A positive feedback is always welcome so it deserves a separate paragraph.
  6. Enclose the experience letter with the best wishes for the person who needs the letter and encouraging the receiver to address any further question.
  7. Don’t forget about the classic Yours sincerely…, Yours faithfully…, Best regards… .

After being sure that you understood all the advices mentioned above about this work letter, check our work experience confirmation letter sample.

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