Types of Authorisation Letter

An authorisation letter is a specific letter where you notify a company or person about someone that is completing an activity on your behalf. There are many different types of authorisation letters as people use notice letters for different things. Authorisation letter should include relevant and precise information.

Have a look at how to write an authorisation letter to learn about all the things you should and shouldn't include in an authorisation letter. You can send an authorisation letter to inform someone or a company about many things, such as you're allowing someone to collect important documents on your behalf, or you have allowed someone to discuss your finances on your behalf or you are leaving your child in the guardianship of a close family or friend.

Types of letters of authorisation

The aim of an authorisation letter

The purpose of an authorisation letter is to give someone permission to do something. You are informing a person, company or business about someone completing an activity on your behalf.

Many companies and businesses require identification when you collect some important documents or when you want to discuss anything confidential. Therefore if you want to give someone else the permission to do it on your behalf, you need to provide proof that you have given them permission.

There are many different types of authorisation letters and therefore each one has a different purpose. Have a look at the templates below and adapt them to your situation.

Authorisation Letter travel templates

Other authorisation letter templates

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