How to write an Authorisation Letter

Writing an authorisation letter is quite simple. The authorisation letter doesn't need to be long, only a few sentences with relevant information, clearly stating what you are authorising.

An authorisation letter follows the format of a formal letter and can be adapted from there. When writing a formal letter you need to have a formal and professional frame of mind. An authorisation letter should be clear, precise and and professional.

If you are still unsure if a notice letter is what you need, then check out what is an authorisation letter to fully understand the concept.

Writing an authorisation letter

What to include in an authorisation letter

An authorisation letter is designed to give someone authority to do something on your behalf. An authorisation letter should include dates, names and the activity that you are authorising the person to do. The information should be relevant, clear and correct.

You should add your name and contact details and the name and details of the person who is fulfilling the activity. Have the clear objective in mind and restrict your authorisation letter to one page, but it should only need to be a few sentences. Make sure you don't forget the date, this is an important aspect of an authorisation letter and should always be included.

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What not to include in an authorisation letter

An authorisation letter shouldn't be a generic letter. Don't include any irrelevant information, but keep the letter specific and to the point but in a professional manner.

Sometimes you wont know the recipient, therefore, there isn't always a need to add a recipients name and contact details, make sure you check who you a sending it to before writing.

Don't include any false information, but make sure all the information is correct and precise. When writing a request letter, don't take an informal approach, this can come across as unprofessional and reckless.

There are many types of authorisation letters and therefore each one is different and therefore you need to know exactly what you are writing.

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