Authorisation Letter to travel with a child template

You may want to travel abroad with your child and without the other parent. Or a guardian may want to do the same. You need an authorisation letter to prove that you have permission to do so.

You may not necessarily need an authorisation letter, but it is always a good idea to have one with you just incase. You need to get a witness to sign it, but this can't be an immediate relative. The witness needs to be someone who knows you but is not part of your family.

Take a look at the template below to see all the information you need to create your own!

Letter of authorisation to travel

If you are still unsure about needing an authorisation letter, make sure you take a look at what is an authorisation letter to ensure that you fully understand the concept!

Travelling abroad with a child can be a difficult challenge, but make sure you use the template above to avoid any complications at the airport. Take a look at some other templates to get an idea of the other kinds of authorisation letters, such as the authorisation letters to travel.

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