Authorisation Letter for guardianship template

On some occasions you may need to go away and leave your children with a guardian. To prove that you have given permission for someone else to look after your child/children, you need to write an authorisation letter.

This letter can be shown at the child's school or extra curricular activities session as proof that they are in the capable hands of a reliable guardian.

Before you take a look at the template below, revise what is an authorisation letter to make sure you understand the elements of an authorisation letter.
Guardianship letter of authorisation template

Make sure you always include the exact dates that the authorisation letter is valid for. All the information included in the letter needs to be clear, precise and relevant.

If you still have any doubts, revise how to write an authorisation letter to get all the relevant information that you need to write one. And take a look at all the other different templates.

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