Why write an Authorisation Letter?

An authorisation letter gives someone the authority to carry out tasks on your behalf, especially when you are unable to do them due to not being available or not being in the same city. An authorisation letter is a useful piece of paper which can help you in all kinds of situations.

There are many different kinds of authorisation letters because there are many different situations where you might need a letter of authorisation.

Take a look at types of authorisation letter to find out more about the different varieties!

Writing a letter of authorisation

Benefits of writing an authorisation letter

Writing an authorisation letter can be very beneficial for you, especially if you are on a timescale or have deadlines.

Imagine that you need to pickup an important document but you are unable to go and collect it in the timescale that they have given you. Your friend says that they can go and collect it on your behalf. All you need to provide is an authorisation letter and to have it confirmed by the company. This was it saves you time and effort.

An authorisation letter is a formal document and therefore needs to have a professional tone throughout. Writing an authorisation letter is more beneficial than verbally giving someone authorisation as that is very likely that it won't be accepted. A authorisation letter is usually used in formal situations, even if you are friendly with the recipient.

Still unsure? Take a look at what is an authorisation letter to better understand the concept!


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