Authorisation Letter to bank template

Sometimes we have to leave our place of residence for a prolonged period of time, whether that's for work or personal circumstances. An authorisation letter can allow someone who you trust to access your account while you are away.

You may have some important affairs to attend to with the bank, but because you are going away, you are unable to do them. You can give a trusted friend or colleague the responsibility of attending to your affairs while you're away.

Before you get started with the template below, make sure you revise how to write an authorisation letter to ensure you don't miss any of the important parts.

Letter of authorisation to bank template

There are many different types of authorisation letters that vary for different situations.

If you require someone to attend to your affairs on your behalf, an authorisation letter is necessary as there is high security at a bank and they will need proof and reassurance that you have allowed someone to act on your behalf. Therefore it is essential to write an authorisation letter.

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