Authorisation Letter collection template

You may need to collect some important documents or an important parcel and have been requested to pick it up. However you are unavailable to do go and collect it on that specific day. That's where an authorisation letter comes in.

You can give a friend or a colleague permission to collect your the documents or package on your behalf. They need to take the letter and a form of identification with them.

Take a look at the following template to help you get started!

Letter of authorisation collection template

Make sure you revise all the other authorisation letter templates to make sure you can organise collection of your documents without any problems or worries.

An authorisation letter isn't always necessary when you collect something. It is only needed in certain situations. Make sure you are aware if you need an authorisation letter before you send a someone on your behalf to avoid any unwanted problems.

If you have any doubt when writing your authorisation letter, revise what is an authorisation letter to fully understand the concept!

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