Why Write a Complaint Letter

When writing a complaint letter, the main possible reasons will be discontent towards a product, person or company. The need to write a letter of complaint is a common feeling amongst most of us when we do not receive a service or product as we expect it and you could be writing a complaint letter for different audiences. Some of us will shy away to avoid being confrontational, but by completing the complaint letter format you do not have to express your anger or come across as negative and this can be done by following some complaint letter advice.

Specific Reasons for Writing a Complaint Letter

For any major business, complaint letters are something that they deal with on a daily basis. This should make you feel more comfortable to write a complaint letter and not worry that you are the only one. The following reasons are some of the most common, but do not hesitate to communicate your complaint if your reason is not on this list. Most probably there are thousands of other people who want to complain about the same thing but do not have the confidence to put it into writing. If you write a complaint letter, it could be helping many others.

Complaint Letter Reasons for Professionals

  • If you are unhappy with a situation in your workplace, it could be your relationship with a boss/manager or colleague due to discrimination or harassment.
  • If you have received or witnessed any unethical or unprofessional behaviour.
  • If the actions of a person in higher power, such as a supervisor at work or professor at university, or even of a lower position, has caused your disapproval.

Complaint Letter Reasons for Experiences

  • If you are not satisfied with the customer service of a company that may have been unfriendly or unhelpful.
  • If your experience at a hotel, at a restaurant, with an airline, with a gym or at a hospital has not been satisfactory.
  • If the product quality of your purchase has not turned out to be what you thought or to be what was promised.

Complaint Letter Reasons for Accommodation

  • If your landlord has not managed to keep up any part of your contract.
  • If your neighbours have been causing you problems or noice levels.

Take a look at some complaint letter samples for a better idea.

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