Writing a Complaint Letter for an Exam

Exam Complaint Letter

One of the most common reasons for writing a complaint letter is for educational purposes when studying English, either as a native speaker in school or as a non-native speaker taking a language exam. The complaint letter format will generally be very similar, however, with this type of complaint letter it will pass through a marking system as you are writing a complaint letter for a different audience. The different English exams that may require you to write a complaint letter include:

  • CAE = Cambridge English: Advanced
  • ESL = English as a Second Language
  • IELTS = International English Language Testing System
  • KS1/2/3 = Key Stage 1/2/3
  • Junior Certificate = Irish Educational Qualification

Rubric for Writing a Complaint Letter

When writing a complaint letter for an english exam, it is important that you have a look at what marking system will be used depending on the exam you are sitting. Different examining bodies will have different criteria and pass marks. There is more complaint letter advice available to help you when practising, but here are a few suggestions on what the examiner might be looking out for:

  • Different elements and format for writing a complaint letter
  • The correct tone
  • Appropriate details and information for the complaint
  • A formal layout design for a typed letter
  • Accurate grammar and punctuation

It might be useful to check out some complaint letter samples as well.

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