Complaint Letter Advice

When writing a complaint letter it is crucial to get your tone of voice correct as what you say will influence the result. Check out some advice and tips.

Complaint Letter Format

Find out how to write a complaint letter that is polite in tone to not appear as threatening, whilst also being firm in communicating your dissatisfaction.

Complaint Letter Response

After receiving a complaint letter it is common courtesy to reply either rejecting responsibility or accepting it. See how to reply and view examples here.

How to Make a Complaint

Depending on who your complaint letter is for, there are different methods to express your discontent. Enter here for more on how to make a complaint.

What is a Complaint Letter

A complaint letter serves the purpose of making your opinion known in a polite and non-aggressive manner. Take a look at our letter templates and examples.

Why Write a Complaint Letter

The main possible reasons for writing a complaint letter will be discontent towards a product, person or company. View templates for specific reasons here.