What is a Complaint Letter

The reasons for writing a complaint letter are numerous, however, there is the common element of displeasure towards a person, service, product or situation. A complaint letter serves the purpose of making your opinion known in a polite and non-aggressive manner. There are certain tips to take when writing a complaint letter to avoid presenting yourself in the wrong way and we can offer you some complaint letter advice.

Receiving a complaint letter response will heavily depend on how your complaint letter is written but also the procedures each individual corporation prefers to take. Some companies or people will aim to fix the problem while others will simply acknowledge your complaint. Depending on why you would write a complaint letter, it is advisable to state what you want to be done about it.

Who can Write a Letter of Complaint?

A complaint letter can be written by anyone for any possible reason. As long as you have the facts to back-up your complaint and you have a purpose, then you can begin putting together the complaint letter format. Letters of complaint will usually come from an individual, whether that may be an employee of a company, someone who has bought a product, or a customer for a specific service. It all depends on your reasons for why write a complaint letter.

Who will Receive your Complaint Letter?

When writing your complaint letter you should know to whom it is being directed towards. If it is not for a specific person but rather a business or company, then it is important to know the procedure on how to make a complaint. The larger the corporation that you are writing to, the more crucial it is to know who to direct the letter towards. Also, the higher importance of the complaint letter, the more likely it is for your letter to be passed on to higher positions within that corporation.

Still unclear about complaint letters? View some of our complaint letter samples.

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