Complaint Letter Advice

When writing a complaint letter it is crucial to get your tone of voice correct. Your presentation within the letter may be an influencing factor when the recipient reads the complaint letter and decides what to do or what not to do about the problem by writing a complaint letter response.

Complaint Letter HelpBy checking out this complaint letter advice, hopefully you will be to construct your complaint letter format in order to get the best result at the end by knowing what to include and what not to include. Also bear in mind that you might be writing a complaint letter for different audiences so there may be certain points you need to mention to encourage the solution you want.

  • Always write to a person who has the authority to deal with your request.
  • Research complaint procedures for that company beforehand.
  • Include relevant information if possible, such as order/reference/invoice numbers.
  • Do speak in a calm tone and make sure to not come across as angry.
  • Be clear about your issue and what you want to be done about it.
  • Keep copies of any previous or future interactions.
  • When seeking legal action, be aware of the laws and any necessary paperwork.
  • Try to have realistic solutions in mind rather than impractical ones.
  • Do not make up scenarios or exaggerate the truth as this might backfire on you.
  • Avoid blaming or pointing your frustration at the recipient of the letter as it is most likely not them that you initially dealt with.

Useful Expressions for Complaint Letters

If it is your first time writing a complaint letter then you may be wondering how exactly to go about it and what to say. This is not an extensive list but it provides some appropriate vocabulary to get you started on your letter of complaint.

  • I am writing with concern that…
  • Unfortunately, I am very disappointed…
  • To make matters worse…
  • I am writing to complain about…
  • I was particularly disappointed to see…
  • I am sorry to have to inform you that…
  • I look forward to…
  • incompetence
  • dissatisfaction/dismay
  • compensation

Have a look at how this is all put into practice in our complaint letter samples.

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