How to Make a Complaint

Depending on who your complaint letter is aimed at when writing a complaint letter for different audiences, there are different methods for expressing your discontent. This is more to do with how to hand in your complaint rather than discussing the complaint letter format when you are ready to start writing. It is advisable to research beforehand how the company or corporation handle and accept complaints. If you are writing to a specific person then there is no need to check the procedure.

What are the Different Ways to Convey a Complaint?

Generally speaking, receiving complaint letters is something most companies should know how to handle and will be something that is dealt with on a daily basis. Due to this, by researching online it is quite easy to find the correct way on how to make a complaint.

  • Verbally: by speaking directly to the person involved or to someone of a higher position (sometimes followed by a formal written complaint letter)
  • Written by letter: sending a formally typed complaint letter that is either handed in or posted

  • Written online: through online complaint forms found on company websites
  • Written by email: by directly sending your complaint letter by email to the specific person/company involved or to someone of a higher position

What to Expect after Writing Your Complaint

In some cases, your complaint letter will be followed up immediately by a complaint letter response, however in other cases it may take some time before you receive a reply. It is also common that you might receive nothing at all after your complaint. When writing your complaint later you may decide to include contact details so that the recipient of the letter can follow up on what you have said, or you can explicitly mention that you want a response to your complaint letter. Some responses will simply acknowledge your complaint, while others might strive to resolve the problem.

Take a look at some complaint letter samples that include complaint letter responses.

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