Resignation Letter Advice and Tips

The format of a resignation letter is quite simple to follow, but you might have questions about other specifics that arise. When deciding to leave your job, it can be quite difficult to figure out what needs to be said and what should be left alone. If this is the case, take a look at some letter of resignation DOs and DON´Ts and if you still have not found the answer, ask yourself what is the most professional thing to do?

Tips and Advice for Writing a Resignation Letter

Resignation Letter Advice: What to DO

To stay on good terms with your employer and with the hopes of future success, keep these in mind when writing your resignation letter:

  • Write your resignation in a formal, typed letter to hand in to your boss
  • Try to leave everything on good terms
  • Act as kindly as possible
  • Have a positive attitude
  • Give as much notice as you can
  • Find out about any outstanding benefits, leave or salary
  • Inquire about getting a reference
  • Offer to be as helpful as you can during the transition period
  • Try and keep in touch with colleagues (and your boss!)

Tips and Advice for Writing a Resignation Letter

Resignation Letter Advice: What NOT to DO

To avoid burning any bridges before leaving your job, try to avoid any of these problems when writing your resignation letter format:

  • Leave under bad circumstances or in anger
  • Be afraid to resign even if you have recently started
  • Give under 1 week notice
  • Hand in your resignation without reading through your contract first to check what is the correct procedure
  • Act negatively towards your colleagues, boss or the company
  • Have a pessimistic attitude
  • Brag about any future plans
  • Simply tell your boss verbally that you are resigning

How to Correctly Sign-Off a Resignation Letter?

When it comes to ending your letter of resignation, there are a few different options you have depending on your working relationship with your employer.

  • Yours faithfully = an unknown recipient
  • Yours truly = slightly amicable, indicates a closer relationship
  • Yours sincerely = formal, most appropriate if you are unsure

Are you still unsure what to do? Here are some resignation letter samples.

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