Handing in a Resignation Letter Email

Sending a resignation letter email is not considered sufficient, so make sure to personally hand in your letter of resignation, in printed form, with the option of putting it in an envelope completely up to you.

Make sure that you check out the correct procedures for handing in your resignation letter and how much in advance the company would prefer you to do this. This information can be found in employee handbooks or terms and agreements in your contract specifically. If you are unsure try speaking to Human Resources, if this is possible, to find out details.

Protocol for Sending Your Resignation Letter Email

Sending an email of resignation to your employer is an additional procedure to having a personal conversation with them first. If you have chosen to avoid a talk with them because you are unhappy in your job, or you are leaving under bad circumstances, then writing a resignation letter email may be the most appropriate choice.

Ideas on what language to use when communicating your resignation through email include catching your employer´s eye through the subject. They must be able to see the importance of the email as well as understand who is sending the message. You may attach your formal resignation letter format to the email but it is more common for this to be handed in separately and after a follow up meeting.

Letter of Resignation Email

What to Expect After Sending Your Resignation Letter Email?

An employer may choose many options in responding to your resignation email as they will want to follow up on anything you have said. Be aware of what to expect after handing in your resignation letter. This is an important part of the process and allows that you both have an equal opportunity to say what you want.

Seeing some resignation letter samples and responses may help you to be prepared.

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