Resignation Letter Format

To write a resignation letter, there is a certain protocol to be followed. This document will be placed in your personal file and can be viewed by any future employer, it can be an important asset for any reference you may need, and finally, it is the last impression that you leave on your boss and/or company.

When handing in your formal resignation letter it should be typed and printed, using a standard font and text size. The aim is to make sure the resignation letter format looks as neat and professional as possible.

There are several ways in which to lay out your letter of resignation, and you have the power to choose how much information you are willing to reveal, yet all templates will manage to include a few common constructions.

Resignation Letter Guidelines

The format of your resignation letter is important as you want it to look as professional as possible and use the most appropriate language.

  • Personal Information: situated at the top-left of the page, your name, address and contact details
  • Company Information: situated on the top-right of the page (below your information), your boss´ name, their title and company address
  • Date: the date that you are writing the letter (not the date of your last day)

  • Addressing to: formal indication and acknowledgement of who will be receiving the letter
  • First Paragraph: your position or job title, name of the company you will be leaving, state you are resigning, date of notice
  • Second Paragraph (optional): reasons for leaving, appraisal of company
  • Final Paragraph: state whether you are willing to help with the transition period or not, how much more time you are willing to invest in your position, what you will do about any unfinished projects
  • Signing off: a formal greeting, your signature (both hand and typed)

When it comes to how to sign off a resignation letter, it may be quite confusing so take a look at our resignation letter advice and tips. Many people doubt which is the correct way and you want to make sure you get it right. Once you have managed to sort this out and hand in your formal resignation letter, be prepared that your employer will want to send a response.

For model examples, try looking at our resignation letter samples.


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