What to Expect After Handing In Your Resignation Letter

The process for handing in a resignation letter can be complicated. If you have chosen to hand in a resignation letter email or to hand in a resignation letter formally, there is a high possibility that your employer will want to respond. It is only fair that you both have the chance to say something as your resignation affects not only you, but your employer and also the place of work you are leaving. Your employer will also want to leave everything under good circumstances so make sure when writing your resignation letter that you stay positive and professional.

Different Responses to Your Resignation Letter

One way in which your employer will respond to your resignation letter or email, is by simply accepting it. In the case that you have written a resignation letter email, the response will also be in email and will most likely request a follow up meeting to discuss everything further. If you have written a formal resignation letter then you will receive a letter of acceptance in reply.

Another method of response may be a counter-offer. If your employer does not wish to let you go, they may try to persuade you to stay at the company by offering you a better opportunity. This is another positive resignation letter reason as it could provide you with  better opportunities.

Only in some rare cases will you be likely to receive a more complex response. If your relationship with your employer or with the company is not as straightforward as most, then expect either back and forth replies or meetings. In order to avoid this, take a look at some resignation letter advice and tips.

To gain a better understanding, view some resignation letter samples.

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