Introduction Letter to potential employer template

Have you seen a potential job vacancy and you would like to apply for it? Writing an introduction letter can help you with just that. Usually an introduction letter goes hand in hand with a CV and is more commonly called a cover letter.

Writing an introduction letter for a job vacancy can be very useful. You should make each introduction letter relevant to each company that you write to. It is a letter about yourself, but be careful, the company only needs to know relevant information and how they can benefit from having you as an employer.

Before taking a look at the template below, take a look at introduction letter ideas to help you get started.

Letter of introduction to a potential employer template

Make sure you keep a formal and professional tone throughout when writing your introduction letter. It is a letter designed to introduce yourself and to persuade the company that you would be a valued member of the team.

Before you start writing your introduction letter, you should plan and organise your ideas before hand. We would recommend that you revise how to write an introduction letter to ensure you have the best success with your introduction letter.

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