Sending an introduction letter

An introduction letter is giving someone information about yourself or introducing yourself to someone. You can use an introduction letter to make a good first impression when you want to begin a relationship with a company, business or other people.

You need to adapt each introduction letter to the recipient and objective of the letter. For example, if it was to appear interested in a particular company, you need to make the introduction letter more appealing to that specific company. An introduction letter is usually formal, especially when you are contacting companies and businesses.

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Sending a letter of introduction

How to send an introduction letter

Sending an introduction letter depends on the person you're sending it too, and what you want to gain from it. An introduction letter is usually formal but you can also send an informal letter as well. If you want to gain professional advantage from the introduction letter, it all needs to be written in a professional manner.

There are many types of introduction letters because there are many different situations that require different types of introduction letters.

You can either post an informal letter or you can give it by hand, whichever method is easiest for you.

If you are sending an introduction letter to a bank, client or business, it should follow the format of a formal letter. You can send a formal letter through the post or hand it in at the company if you live near. You can also send an email, but that is at the discretion of each company.

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