What is an Introduction Letter?

An introduction letter is where you introduce yourself to someone, a company or a business. You can use an introduction letter to make a good first impression.

You can send an introduction letter to a potential employer or you can send an introduction letter to new neighbours. You can use an introduction letter for many situations, and it is the process of giving someone more information about yourself.

There are many different types of introduction letter and you need to adapt each one to the different situations!

What is an introduction Letter

Benefits of writing an introduction letter

There are many benefits of an introduction letter. It is a personal letter explaining a bit about yourself that you can give to companies, businesses or even new neighbours. It is a way of making a good first impression and introducing yourself to new people. It is the perfect way to potentially grow your business or to make new contacts that you wouldn't usually have. You can also make new friends and find opportunities that will help you in the future.

Definition of Introduction Letter

It is more professional than verbally introducing yourself. Some people and companies don't have time to see everyone who would like to get in touch with them. Therefore you can send an introduction letter to professionally introduce yourself. Introducing yourself by handing in an introduction letter can make it more comfortable for those who are shy or feel self confident. Ready to start writing? Have a look at the different introduction letter templates and adapt one of them that is right for you!

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