Introduction Letter

An introduction letter is a letter where you introduce yourself. You inform others about yourself and your motivations. You are introducing yourself to someone you don't now in the form of a letter.

This can be in order to get a job, increase your business contacts or grow your company. There are many different situations where an introduction letter can be useful.

Introduction Letter Basics

An introduction letter is sent to give someone more information about yourself. There will be several times during your lifetime that you may need an introduction letter and it is very important that you know how to write one. There are several elements that need to be included, along with a formal and professional tone.

Introduction Letter Format

Writing an introduction letter can be a difficult challenge. It is a type of formal letter and therefore needs to be professional and well written to make a good first impression. An introduction letter needs to be precise, relevant and include specific information.

Introduction Letter Templates

There are many different types of introduction letters as there are different situations where people need to introduce themselves into a new situation. Take a look at the variety of introduction letters to ensure that you create the perfect one to suit your situation.

You can find some of the introduction letter templates here:

Occupational introduction letter templates

Other introduction letter templates

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