How to write an introduction letter

Writing an introduction letter can be a bit of a challenge. You need to talk about yourself and inform people of your character without coming across as too arrogant. An introduction letter needs to be clear, precise and informative. If it is a formal introduction letter it needs to have a formal tone and a professional manner.

When writing a formal introduction letter, it needs to be informative but not too long. For an informal letter for dating sites for example or friends, you can write as much as you like.

If you are still unsure about writing an introduction letter, make sure you revise what is an introduction letter to find out more!

Writing an introduction letter

What to include in an introduction letter

An introduction letter is primarily about you. You are introducing yourself, and therefore the information needs to be correct. If you are writing to a potential employer, you need to include relevant information that will be appealing to the company or business.

In general, an introduction letter is a type of persuasive letter where you are trying to persuade someone to give you a job, make friends or get contacts. What ever the goal, an introduction letter needs to be appealing to make a good first impression.

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What not to include in an introduction letter

When writing a formal introduction letter, you should not include colloquial language. A formal introduction letter should have a professional and formal tone throughout.

Do not include too much personal information in a formal introduction letter as it isn't necessary. Just keep it relevant to the recipient. A formal introduction letter should be clear and organised.

Ready to start writing your introduction letter? Take a look at the different introduction letter templates to help you get started!

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