Writing a Santa Letter

Sending and receiving a Santa letter are one of the greatest memories of our childhoods. Christmas is a magical time, not just for children but for adults as well. Creating the magic for others is a great moment and it can start with a letter to Santa followed by a letter from Santa in return.

Writing a Santa Letter

What to put in a Santa Letter

What is a Santa letter all about? A Santa letter allows children to engage in the Christmas celebrations and creates excitement throughout the Christmas weeks. A Christmas letter can improve confidence in shy children and make them feel good about Christmas. Letter writing to and from Santa can create magic within your household. Writing a Santa letter is a way of keeping children young and not growing up too fast. Do you want to know what to put in a Santa letter? Find out how to write a Santa Letter to ensure that you have all the essential elements needed to keep the magic of Christmas throughout your home.

When to write a Santa Letter

For many people, Christmas starts as early as October. Many people like to prepare Christmas very far in advance and therefore it can be difficult to know when to start writing your Santa letters. There is no correct answer, you can start writing Santa Letters in a time that you feel is appropriate. A guideline would be to start in the middle of December, which gives you enough time to prepare the letters along with the other Christmas preparations.

Check our Santa letter template if you want to gain some ideas for your letters to Santa Claus:

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