Santa Letter

Who doesn't love Christmas? Amongst the stress and the preparations, Christmas is one of the most exciting times for a child. Lots of presents, celebrations, family and more importantly, Santa Claus. Christmas is a special time of year. In a child's eyes, Santa Claus makes this happen, and therefore Santa letters are one of the most important aspects of Christmas time for children.

Santa Letter Basics

Santa letters are a correspondence between a child and Santa Claus. It is a relationship between the two. Children state the good things that they have done and ask for a few presents in return for being so good. The next step is when the child receives a letter from Santa in response to the child's original letter. Are you still unsure? Take a look at the what is a Santa letter post to find out about some more tips and tricks about Santa letters.

Santa Letter Format

Writing Santa a letter is quite easy as the basics of Santa letters are informal and lighthearted. They follow a very basic letter format and are usually very simple and easy to read with very basic language. They are usually very personal in order to create a magical relationship between Santa Claus and the child.

The letters can also have pictures included within the text. Learning how to write a Santa letter could make a great start to the Christmas period for both you and your family. Writing a Santa letter is very easy to do and there are a few simple steps to follow.

Santa Letter Templates

To ensure that you have the best possible start writing your Santa letters we have comprised two Santa letters examples for you to work with. One is a letter from the child to Santa, and the other is a letter from Santa in response to the child's first letter. Take a look at the templates and adapt and change them to suit your style. Here you can find some new ideas on how to write a persuasive Santa letter:

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